The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

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The economist, Time Magazine

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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33 Replies to “The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained”

  1. Just finished watching this video..I had a lot of positive thoughts..
    And then the comment section terrible
    First I would like to say that am Syrian and I am still living in father is is a professor in mother is a teacher..but that doesn't mean anything at all..I feel sorry that I had to say what my father is in order to get your attention..but sadly that's how the world works…to get to business I think that most of the Syrians who float away are educated but have no manners…and that's a big problem..we Syrians think the world is against us…we hate most of the if you are a German just spread love..perhaps it will change something…Syrians are in great danger….we have a lot of Single mind kind of a people who won't listen…the great danger ever is needs to be exterminated..we have a lot of genuis atheist people
    ..and that's about it..I wish someone will till me a legal way to get out of Syria..after I finish school so i can contact a collage to study in outside this country
    And thanks for your time.

  2. as a Syrian this is sadly true, i hope our country gets better so we can go back and live in our homeland.
    i also hope that Syrians stay together and don't make problems in other countries, cause to be honest, there are some Syrians who travel to make problems and nothing else.
    thank you for this video, i know it is hard for Arab countries to open their doors for Syrians, But it's harder on Europe countries to keep Syrians safe.
    thanks to every country and every person who helped Syrians.

  3. Weird…if these refugees are such amazing, brilliant and productive people. Why doesn't Saudi Arabia want them? Surely they would be a HUGE ASSET to Saudi Arabia right? Or do they know something that Europe doesn't?

  4. Ok why the fuck are we taking care of them we can't even care for our own homeless so why the hell should we accept refugees send them to places that can pay for them like Saudi Arabia who have nothing but money we have our own issues in this nation we have to care for our own issues before we deal with others and on top of it all these countries hate us and I mean hate us why should we help our enemies

  5. se ha comprobado que los "rebeldes" de la fraudulenta primavera árabe eran simpelmente mercenarios financiados y armados por EEUU, Inglaterra, Francia y sus lacayos europeos para destruir a los países árabes que no podían esclavizar economicamente como han hecho siempre, para instalar gobiernos que hacen lo que la OTAN dicta. KURZUGESAGT son un asco fascista

  6. Who ever knew that man, and not natural disasters would create such a crisis. No wonder people are so stupid now, but feel as if theyve "evolved." Faak outa hea!

  7. Tell me that it's just a joke. I know its real crisis and refugees are human too but thinking like Pollyanna never gets results

  8. Einstein, Tesla, and Steve jobs were all refugees. I talk about my experience as a refugee in the U.S in my satirical show in my channel.

    I also welcome both positive and negative points of views. We need to talk.

  9. Disappointed. This would have been an informative video if you just explained the situation (as the title suggests) rather than tell us what we need to do or are not doing enough of. Teach the debate. Its much more interesting and educational.
    As you picked a side of what needs to happen, you have left yourself open to criticism. You haven't even explained why people have their reservations when it comes to this topic. You have just simplified it to "Fear of…" which is rather patronising.

  10. Latest UN figures: less than 1% of these "refugees" come from Syria. Judge it yourself. Syrians are persian, not afro. But I challenge you to find any non-black person on those boats. Zero. Nada. Nil.

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